Chaleur Arts Festival 2016

Chaleur Arts Festival 2017 is now in the planning.

Interested Artists, Musicians, Volunteers and Sponsors are welcome to contact us at:

Sorry but the postal address is no longer good. We cannot afford the charges of nearly $200.00 a year charged by Canada Post. The post office box is now closed. Even General Delivery is not an option. We were told that we would have to pay for general delivery, so it seems we cannot even be contacted that way either.

Don’t bother sending mail to the 212 St. ANdrew Street address because Canada Post Staff in Bathurst have told us that we are not entitled to mail delivery since we are not a real business. In case you wonder, yes, the Government still charges business rate taxes for the property and the City still charges for water and sewage even while the place is closed for the winter.

Trying very very hard to remain positive but … Facts are facts
The St Andrew St. shop in Bathurst will be closed until Spring of 2017. We cannot afford to heat it over the winter.

What we need here is an artist co-op. We could pool resources and support each other.

Is it really any wonder that artists drift away to larger centers? But things are not always better in larger centers. Look at what happened this week in Oakland California, USA. Sadly, I read comments calling artists a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings who should get out and get real jobs.

I wish I wish I wish that The 212 St Andrew Studio might be Headquarters for the 2017 Festival and an artist co-op. I wish I wish I wish I had a place to work this coming winter.

Hopefully Sharon’s Place Studio:
212 St Andrew Street, Bathurst, New Brunswick, E2A1C4, Canada, will re-open in March 2017 … Maybe … If I still have a studio there.

Oh, if you need musical accessories, strings and things, please contact me.

CONTACT: or find my telephone number on my card attached to the inside window of the door of the 212 St. Andrews Shop.


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